Peter was born on June 26, 1997. His first memories consist of the sound of gunshots while constantly being on the run, carried on the back of his father during the civil war. He longed for a mother and wondered of brothers and sisters, with no explanation to why they were separated or if they were alive.

At the age of 4, his aunt brought him to an orphanage home called “Children’s Rescue Center” out of the belief they would be able to care for him and give him education that his father couldn’t. It was there that he learned about Jesus. At the age of 13, Peter’s father came to visit and informed him he had 6 siblings and took him to meet his mother for the first time. She works 15 hour days selling peppers in the market to this day. It remained a mystery to Peter, where his parents had been throughout the years or why they stayed away. That was the last time Peter saw his father, before hearing of his death in 2014. He was killed in a logging accident. Peter was devastated. He has since seen his mother one time.

Peter is known for his beautiful smile, gentle spirit and heart of compassion. He loves children and spends time tutoring when he can. His passion for life includes a desire to complete college and go on to share the truth of God as our Father, to those that don’t know him.