Nelson was born July 15th, 1996, and shortly after, His father was killed in the civil war. Struggling to provide for her children, Nelsons mother brought him, his younger sister, and older brother to an orphanage called The Children's Rescue Center. Nelson was shy and didn't know how to read or write. He started school but ended up repeating the 2nd grade for a few years until he was ready to move forward. CRC’s founder, Rose Clark, was a woman of God and had a true heart for the children. After the war she felt a calling to gather orphaned kids and establish a place for them, loving Nelson and the others as if they were her own. In 2006, she passed away, and the orphanage was taken over by her 3 children. That was a turning point, and a devastating loss. She gave them a sense of purpose that Mother Roses’ children did not carry on after she died. The mission became a much colder, harsher place.  

Nelson found his calling by becoming involved with an organization called B4Youth theater, an organization that provides opportunities for young people to advocate for social issues in Liberia through music, dance, and theatre. After completing 9th grade, Nelson received a scholarship to finish High school through Crawl, Walk, Run, our partner organization here in MN.

  In 2014, the Ebola crisis struck Liberia, and while most people were under quarantine, Nelson inserted himself into the most affected areas, raising awareness for many who believed the disease was a hoax set forth by the government. During that time Nelson witnessed terrible and gruesome things, and yet his heart for helping his people outweighed the pressing danger that faced him and his peers. After almost a year on the front lines. Nelson was spared from being infected by a disease that, by 2015, had killed almost 5,000 and infected 11,000 people in Liberia.

In 2017, Nelson graduated high school. He is currently working as a leader for B4Youth Theater, training young ones and traveling throughout Liberia fighting for social justice. He hopes to start college next year and pursue a degree in Accounting with a minor in Theater.