John was born in 1983. He chose January 1st as his birthday, having no information on his actual date of birth. His father was murdered when he was born, poisoned by jealous coworkers. At the age of 5 his mother sent him away to be with his brother, who was24 years old. When the civil war began John was living in a factory with his brother, his brothers pregnant wife, and her two children. When John was 6 the war had moved close and they needed to leave to a safer village. The day they were departing, John's brother slipped off the bus and said he was coming right back. The bus left without him. It was the last time John ever saw his brother.

   John ended up living with his brothers wife’s family. The home was an abusive one, specifically for John because her family resented his older brother. Nine months after being born, John's baby Niece mysteriously died. Realizing he had no true family left, in 1992 he ran away and wound up meeting a rebel general by the name of Topkah who took John under his wing.

   Topkah led a troop of child soldiers which he trained as killers for the cause. He noticed something special in John, however, particularly how John handled an AK-47. He took John on raids and coached him on how to kill, but he never forced john to take narcotics, which were commonly given to child soldiers to help make them “brave”. After a few years of fighting, Topkah arranged for John to take refuge at an orphanage. When John arrived there, he received a hug for the first time in his life and heard the strange name Jesus Christ, the “Father that cares the most about him.” A visiting missionary named Dr. John, saw promise in John, and connected him with missionaries at King's Arms Academy to be trained as a teacher. Over the next 10 years, his hard work turned into a full time teaching career. John worked hard to demonstrate Christ's love to his students, implement new strategies and ideas, and grow as a professional.

   John is currently living in the apartment with our boys and his 6 year old son Courage. He has taken on the role of Father and facilitator of the household, helping teach these boys what it means to be men of God. He is teaching part time and attending school to get his bachelors degree in administration.