Cyrus D. Numbeh was born in 1974 in Nimba County, Central Liberia. His parents divorced at a young age and he was raised by his father. His father was a devout Muslim and raised Cyrus in the Islamic faith.  At the age of 16, the Liberian civil war was in full swing, and sadly, his father was killed. Cyrus moved from place to place and was eventually taken in by his uncle, who introduced him to the Christian faith. After wrestling with hard questions and feeling led by the Holy Spirit, at the age of 19, Cyrus accepted Christ as his Savior.

In the following years he began studying the Gospel and sharing his faith in his community, he felt a calling to pursue a life of Ministry. With the help of a Canadian missionary named Caroline Sharp, he was able to attend seminary at Jake Memorial Baptist College. Upon graduating, Cyrus continued to encounter many in West Africa who were not preaching the true Gospel, but instead mixing religion with tradition and ignoring what he knew to be so vital – secured salvation by grace through relationship with our Father in Heaven.

After seeking God in what to do, next Cyrus and his peers formed The Interior Church Planting Ministry of Liberia, with the goal of planting churches and training leaders in the rural areas of Liberia . Cyrus met his wife Benetta in 2005 and they married in 2008. He is currently the pastor of Second Central Baptist Church, the Executive Director ICPM, and resides in Mount Barkley, Liberia with his wife and 6 Children. His ministry has trained leaders and planted 11 churches in 5 of the 15 counties in Liberia since 2007 and hoping to expand further throughout Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone.