Amos was born on March 9, 1998 in one of Liberia’s remote villages. During his first few years of life, a witch doctor in the area actively pursued Amos’ to be his apprentice. Amos was spared of this role when his older sister came and took him to the Orphanage home “Children’s Rescue Center”, because their father was unable to care for Amos. He was 3 years old.

   Amos was able to travel back home to meet his father in 2013. He reports that they “hugged and hugged and hugged”. Upon departure back to the Orphanage, he was advised never to return. The witch doctor was still present and had recognized Amos. Amos describes life at the Orphanage as difficult. The physical labor and severe punishment for mistakes weighed heavy on him. It made him cry at times, longing for his parents. Amos never met his mother, and learned of her death through sickness, in early 2015.

   Amos has a thirst for learning and carries high hopes of being the first among his family to not only finish High School but also go on to college, so he can care for his family. He loves dancing, singing, music and creating through art. He has dreams of becoming a civil engineer and/or pastor. He envisions himself serving people, through the joy of song and worship.